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Sex Dolls in stock in Europe are available with 24 hours dispatch and delivered to your door in as little as 3 - 7 days. All EU dolls are discreetly packaged in a brown box without any indications of what's inside. Our EU stock collection is constantly updated with new dolls and new stock each month. So if you cannot find what you're looking for now, check back soon for updated dolls. Equally, if the doll you want is out of stock, please contact us and we'll inform you when it's back in stock.


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Sexdoll - Monica [6KG-40CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll - Monica [6KG-40CM] - Monica Moments Germany
Sexdoll - Monica [6KG-40CM] Sale price€189,00 Regular price€219,00
Save €40,00
Sexdoll - Rachelle [10KG-45CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll - Rachelle [10KG-45CM] - Monica Moments EU
Sexdoll - Rachelle [10KG-45CM] Sale price€279,00 Regular price€319,00
Save €40,00
Sexdoll- Britney [12.5KG-48CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll- Britney [12.5KG-48CM] - Monica Moments Germany
Sexdoll- Britney [12.5KG-48CM] Sale price€389,00 Regular price€429,00
Save €90,00
Sexdoll - Janne [13.5KG-65CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll - Janne [13.5KG-65CM] - Monica Moments EU
Sexdoll - Janne [13.5KG-65CM] Sale price€389,00 Regular price€479,00
Sexdoll - Iris [24KG-83CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll - Iris [24KG-83CM] - Monica Moments Germany
Sexdoll - Iris [24KG-83CM] Sale price€598,00
Sexdoll Masturbator - Kim [13KG-40CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll Masturbator - Kim [13KG-40CM] - Monica Moments Germany
Sexdoll Masturbator - Nadja [10KG-40CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll Masturbator - Nadja [10KG-40CM] - Monica Moments Germany
Sexdoll - Lola [21KG-110CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll - Lola [21KG-110CM] - Monica Moments Germany
Sexdoll - Lola [21KG-110CM] Sale price€459,00
Save €200,00
Sexdoll - Annabel [35KG-168CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll - Annabel [35KG-168CM] - Monica Moments Germany
Sexdoll - Annabel [35KG-168CM] Sale price€1.295,00 Regular price€1.495,00
Save €100,00
Sexdoll - Chantal [61KG-163CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll - Chantal [61KG-163CM] - Monica Moments Germany
Sexdoll - Chantal [61KG-163CM] Sale price€1.495,00 Regular price€1.595,00