Cleaning Torso Sex Dolls

How to keep one of your most beloved toys usable for the longest time
starts with proper hygiene and cleaning.

This is why it is important to clean it properly even after use; do you not do this? Then mold can form, the toy can start to smell or the material will deteriorate rapidly in quality over time.

Therefore, we have written a simple step-by-step plan for you on how to best handle your doll. Sperm residues that remain in your sexdoll are a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

Important to know is that our products are made of high quality TPE, they should be stored dry and clean. Otherwise, over time the material may crack, dry and crumble with subsequent use.


If you want to make cleaning a little easier on yourself, use
a condom.

What you need:
- Enema/ enema or Vagina shower.
- Lukewarm water, too hot water can dry out the material
- Hand soap without perfume and alcohol (non-aggressive) or toy-cleaner
- Towel
- Talcum powder/baby powder
For expelling moisture after use and making the surface less sticky. It also helps you keep the material soft and flexible.
- A (cotton) drying stick
These allow you to quickly and easily dry your sex toys.
dry. Cleaning and drying dolls is nobody's favorite
chore, but if you want to keep enjoying your doll over and over again, it is
important to devote some time to it.

Step 1:

Wash your hands. You should do this before every use of the doll, so

not just when you are done and want to clean her. Cleaning is easiest in the shower, but over a sink is also possible if it is large enough.

Important: Make sure that the doll always remains well supported and on her back
during storage and cleaning, if you have a heavy doll for example by
only the legs under the shower, the material can tear
by her weight in combination with gravity. Support her therefore
always on as large a surface as possible so you can enjoy her longer.

Step 2:

Take the vaginal shower and fill it up with water, then rinse all the cavities of the doll 5-10 times completely clean. Do this over a sink so the moisture can easily drain through the drain. Stop when clear water comes out of the cavities, in other words, when nothing other than water is running out.


Step 3:

Take some non-aggressive hand soap and create some suds in your hands, make sure then wash the inside of the doll by bringing your soaped hands

and fingers inside. If you like, you can also wrap a wet cloth wrap around a stick to properly clean the depth of the doll with this clean. You may do your best to clean the cavities well, our materials stretch easily


Step 4:

Rinse away the soap by refilling the enema/ enema with water and again cleaning and flushing the cavities 5-10 times.

Step 5:

Drying the doll, this can be done in several ways.
- You can use a cotton drying stick.
- You can also wrap a stick with a dry cloth so you can dry the
inside of the cavities can dry well.
- If you really only have a towel, wrap your fingers in the
dry cloth and go well into the cavities of the doll with it so that each
entrance is dry. It is important to put the doll away dry, preferably
preferably for a few hours with the cavities down so that residual
water can still run out. Make sure you are not rough with the doll during drying, quiet dabbing is sufficient. Wet surfaces will dry on their own if you let them stay in
warmer spaces. If necessary, you can leave a towel in the cavities for an hour.

Clean the doll with your hands, not with a sponge, brush or washcloth. Always support the doll on a large surface so that the material lasts long and does not tear.

*On delivery, the doll or box may leave some traces of a greasy substance
left behind.

This is to keep the material supple during storage and transport. Therefore, please be careful where the doll will be placed.

Step 6:

Is the doll dry? Then you can apply a small amount of baby powder. This expels moisture and ensures that also during storage the material keeps its quality
retention. It also keeps her extra soft.

Lay the doll flat on her back if you do not use her for a long time. So there is no unnecessary pressure on the internal skeleton of the doll and does not stretch the skin unnecessarily. Store the doll in the box or in the closet, make sure you let the doll to breathe well, in short; fresh air must always be able to reach it. It's possible that otherwise the doll can start to smell if you pack her too tightly. Are you ready for the next round again? Then simply apply some lubricant on water base and you can immediately start using of your clean toy.


Tip: Our dolls can not only be used for sex, many of our customers like to take care of these toys by dressing them up and putting them in bed.


Dress the doll with white clothes only, wash these clothes 2-3 times before putting them on the doll. Otherwise, colors may be left on the doll coming off the
clothing. Then you can enjoy the doll even during the night by lying against her.

Our customers like to sleep together against something and like it better than sleeping alone. Wash the doll also not longer than necessary, moisture draws after a while in the doll, this can be removed with normal air drying, chance on slight condensation on the outside after too long washing is then usual and needs extra time to dry.



A humid environment can cause bacteria, viruses and fungi multiply quickly in your sex toys.It is important to clean your toys to prevent this, but properly
drying is just as important: most microorganisms thrive in a moist environment.
It's not a good idea to dry your sex toys with excessively warm air: if a sex doll is exposed to high temperatures, the material can deform or become more brittle and crumble.

Common mistakes:
- Handle your girlfriend carefully if you want to enjoy her for a long time, make sure do not put unnecessary (pulling or pushing) force on her skin, otherwise it may tear. Support her in as many places as possible and take good care of her, and she will take good care of you.
- Do not put colored clothes on the dolls or let the dolls prolonged lying on cotton with color, this may namely color which causes stains.
- Make sure that after washing the doll is dried and use talcum/baby powder talc/baby powder so the material will not become sticky. This way fabric does not stick and the material feels all the more realistic.