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Find your perfect doll in stock shipped to the USA. Available exclusively for customers based in the USA only. We offer quick dispatch in just 24 hours and shipping that can take as little as 3 - 7 days. Each doll is carefully packaged in a discreet box and shipped fully tracked and insured within DHL/UPS/Fedex Express or sometimes local carrier. Each doll comes pre-configured and we have multiple options to choose from. The best part is dolls are shipped in bulk via sea freight and so we can offer significant savings compared to a custom doll flown in from overseas. 


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Sexdoll - Iris [24KG-83CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll - Iris [24KG-83CM] - Monica Moments Germany
Sexdoll - Iris [24KG-83CM] Sale price€598,00
Save €40,00
Sexdoll - Rachelle [10KG-45CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll - Rachelle [10KG-45CM] - Monica Moments EU
Sexdoll - Rachelle [10KG-45CM] Sale price€279,00 Regular price€319,00
Save €100,00
Sexdoll - Chantal [61KG-163CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll - Chantal [61KG-163CM] - Monica Moments Germany
Sexdoll - Chantal [61KG-163CM] Sale price€1.495,00 Regular price€1.595,00
Save €200,00
Sexdoll - Annabel [35KG-168CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll - Annabel [35KG-168CM] - Monica Moments Germany
Sexdoll - Annabel [35KG-168CM] Sale price€1.295,00 Regular price€1.495,00
Sexdoll - Lola [21KG-110CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll - Lola [21KG-110CM] - Monica Moments Germany
Sexdoll - Lola [21KG-110CM] Sale price€459,00
Save €40,00
Sexdoll- Britney [12.5KG-48CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll- Britney [12.5KG-48CM] - Monica Moments Germany
Sexdoll- Britney [12.5KG-48CM] Sale price€389,00 Regular price€429,00
Sexdoll Masturbator - Nadja [10KG-40CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll Masturbator - Nadja [10KG-40CM] - Monica Moments Germany
Sexdoll Masturbator - Kim [13KG-40CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll Masturbator - Kim [13KG-40CM] - Monica Moments Germany
Save €90,00
Sexdoll - Janne [13.5KG-65CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll - Janne [13.5KG-65CM] - Monica Moments EU
Sexdoll - Janne [13.5KG-65CM] Sale price€389,00 Regular price€479,00
Save €30,00
Sexdoll - Monica [6KG-40CM] - Monica Moments GermanySexdoll - Monica [6KG-40CM] - Monica Moments Germany
Sexdoll - Monica [6KG-40CM] Sale price€189,00 Regular price€219,00